Words of the Wise 

In this 8 week series, students will be introduced to insights from the Qur'anHadith, and sayings of Islamic sages & scholars from around the world, and spanning the ages.

Following that, students follow step-by-step art tutorials live by the teacher. By the end of the course, they have learned about new people, places, and have a collection of art to show for it.

Please preview the selected quotes assigned by date:

  • Week 1: "Remember Me and I will Remember you" - Qur'an
  • Week 2: "The key to jennah is prayer." - Hadith
  • Week 3: "Patience in when angry, prevents a thousand moments of regret" - Ali Ibn Ali Talib
  • Week 4: "The sunnah is like the ark of Nuh, whoever embarks upon it reaches salvation and whoever refuses is downed." Imam Malik
  • Week 5: "Reflection is the lamp of the heart" - Imam Al-Haddad
  • Week 6: "My beloved is always with me." Rabia al-Adawiya
  • Week 7: “The sea will be the Sea, whatever the drops philosophy!" Faridudin Al Attar
  • Week 8: “Desires make slaves out of kings, and patience makes kings out of slaves”. - Imam Al-Ghazalli 

Class begins Thursday, October 6th, at 3pm PST /6pm EST. The course is 8 weeks long with a one week pause the 3rd week of November.

Ages: 8-12
Time: Thursdays 3pm PST / 6pm EST
Date: October 6th - December, 1st (one week off November 24th). 8 sessions total.
Cost: $89 USD (first student) $140 (for 2 or more sibling group). 
(Contact me if you need a discount or payment plan)
Where: ZOOM

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