New Series: The Most Beautiful Names of Allah Most High (Tuesdays) 

Join us in this new time slot as we begin at the beginning of the series with the Glorious Name of Allah Most High. (For Students who have already begun this series, or if this time does not suit you, please see our other time slot on Wednesdays.)

In this class we learn the most sacred of topics: The Glorious Names of Allah Most High. Students hear commentary from traditional sources and we reflect on how we see the Names manifest in our world. Following that, we explore a unique art topic each week. Please see the chart below for dates and project listings. 

Date Name Project
9/6/22 Allah Modern
9/13/22 Al-Rahman Expressionist
9/20/22 Al-Rahim Shadow
9/27/22 Al-Malik Modern
10/4/22 Al-Qaddus Abstract
10/11/22 Al-Salaam Floral
10/18/22 Al-Mu'min Grafitti
10/25/22 Al-Muhaymin Collage
11/1/22 Al-Aziz Watercolor
11/8/22 Al-Jabbar Typography
11/15/22 Al-Mutakabir Radial Design
11/24 NO CLASS    
11/29/22 Al-Khaliq
2 Pt. Perspective
12/6/22 Al-Bari
Traditional Turkish
12/13/22 Al-Musawwir


Display Art


AGES:  8-12

DAYS & TIME: Tuesdays 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm BST


DATES: September, 6th - December, 13th (one week off November 24th). 

FEES: $155 USD (first student) $130 (second student). ($285 for 2 or more sibling group)

NOTE: Our classes used to be 8 weeks long but are now 14 & 15 weeks long. We have not raised our fees however the total reflects the number of classes. Please contact me at [email protected] if you need a discount or payment plan. We never want cost to prevent learning. 


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