The Clear Quran:

Reflection, Expression, & Connection 

In this one-of-a-kind class, based on the new publication of Dr. Mostafa Khattab's The Clear Qur'an for Children textbook, students will form a deep relationship with the revelation, inshaAllah

This class is organized with three objectives: Reflection, Expression, & Connection. 

Please read more about the pedagogy and lesson outline we apply to achieve these aims inshaAllah.
1) Reflection: After being taught the background, context, and interpretations of the verses through a formal presentation, students will directly reflect upon the content through questioning. Periodically, students will be given a pop-quiz (via an online challenge board) on the facts that contextualize the verses as well as normative interpretations of their meanings.  
2) Expression: Every week, students will be given a writing prompt to articulate their understanding. For example, the students will receive a prompt for Surah al - Fatiha. Here is an example of a prompt:
Verse of Reflection: "All praise belongs to the Lords of the Worlds"
Writing Prompt: Write about all the beautiful things in different kinds of 'worlds' of creation - from the cosmos to the honeycomb, from birds to angels, from ants to trees. Give these creatures a voice and express their praise for the Lords of the Worlds. 
Examples will be given to support them with their writing form. 
3) Connection: Student's love writing in collaboration! Break-out rooms are akin to the family room tent with cushions and pillows! In these tents (as I like to call them), students truly have a spiritual experience. It is in these spaces where students connect through collaborative work and create memories and soul connections.
In our past writing classes, we've focused solely on poetry. This class will include poetry, as well as branch into prose and creative narrative writing. Students may also compose collaborative skits in their tents to highlight a moral point.
DATES: 9/6  - 12/13. 14 sessions total.
DAY: Tuesdays 
TIME: 7am PST/10am EST/3pm BST/ 4pm Cairo
COST: $155 USD (first student) $130 (second student). ($285 for 2 or more sibling group)
NOTE: Our classes used to be 8 weeks long but are now 14 & 15 weeks long. We have not raised our fees however the total reflects the number of classes. Please contact me at [email protected] if you need a discount or payment plan. We never want cost to prevent learning. 


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