The Beautiful Names of Allah:

Art Study


In this course, we explore the most sacred of topics: The Names of Allah Most High. After a presentation of explanation, students will be prompted to reflect and discuss how we see the manifestation of a particular name in the world around us and within us. Following this, we will do an art study of a famous art style, and make our own art piece incorporating one of the names of Allah Most High.

June 8th: Allah (artist: Piet Mondrian)

June 15th: Al - Rahman (artist: William De Kooning)

June 22nd: Al - Rahim (artist: Rashid Al - Akbarov

June 29th: Al - Malik (artist: Wassily Kandinsky)

July 6th: Al - Qaddus (Artist: Hilma of Klint)

July 13th: Al - Salaam (Artist:  Georiga O'Keeffe)

July 20th: Al - Mu'min (artist: Grafitti Script)

July 27th: Al - Muhaymin (artist: Henri Mattise) 

Dates: June 8th - July 27th

Time: Wednesdays 

Each class is approximately one hour 

9am EST
2pm London
3pm Cairo
5pm Dubai

Class features:

  • Teacher presentation & examples
  • Group reflection & expression
  • Making new friends from around the world
  • Closed community for sharing artwork

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