The Beautiful Names of Allah Most High Art Study

This course is for new and returning students. We will begin with the Glorious Name of Allah Most High, Al - Haleem and continue through the study of the Glorious Name Al-Wasi.

Unlike previous courses that ran for 8 weeks, we are extending our semesters to reduce re-registration hassle. This course is 14 sessions long with a break the third week of November.  

Every week in this course students learn about one of the Glorious Names of Allah Most High through a visual presentation. This anchors the topic through scholarly commentary and is aided by group reflection. We then commence our art making, which is done with step-by-step instruction from an aerial view point. All sessions are recorded and stored for one week post class. 

This series is our most popular course and students benefit by learning about their Creator, gaining art skills, and connecting with classmates from around the world. 

Our number one objective at Sacred Art Workshops is to create associations in the heart between love of the Divine and personal acceptance and security. Relationships require safety and a feeling of being acknowledged and valued. We want every student to feel that they are cherished in their unique and special way by the Lord of the Worlds. We hope that this strengthens their lifelong relationship with Allah Most High.  We do our best to foster this objective by creating an interactive, non-judgmental environment that is also fun and engaging.


Ages: 8-12
DAY: Wednesdays
TIME: 10:30 am PST / 1:30 pm EST / 6:30 pm BST
DATE: September, 7th - December, 14th (one week off November 23rd). 14 sessions total.
COST: $155 USD (first student) $130 (second student). ($285 for 2 or more sibling group)

NOTE: Our classes used to be 8 weeks long but are now 14 & 15 weeks long. We have not raised our fees however the total reflects the number of classes. Please contact me at [email protected] if you need a discount or payment plan. We never want cost to prevent learning. 


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