(Ages 9-12) Muslim Inventions & Masterminds

In this one-of-a-kind class inspired by the book 1,001 Inventions of the Muslims, students learn about the amazing polymaths of the Golden Era and their contributions to human civilization. Together we explore the masterminds' biographies, admire their discoveries, and build projects related to their inventions. This is an interactive series with a new discovery in every class! 

Week-by-Week Glance

  • Vision & Optics: In week one, we learn about discoveries by Ibn Al-haytham related to vision and the refraction of light.
  • The Game of Chess: In week two, we learn how Muslims revolutionized the ancient game and make our own board.
  • Cleanliness & Hygiene: In class three, we learn about Muslim contributions to personal and social cleanliness and make our own products.
  • Trick Devices: In class four, we learn about the Banu Musa brothers and their ingenious devices and make our own trick gadget. 
  • Clocks & Sundials: In class five, we learn about Ismail Al - Jazairi and his advancements in time telling.
  • Schools & Universities: In class six, we learn about Muslim contributions to schooling systems and accreditations and design our own school.
  • Libraries & The House of Wisdom: In class seven, we learn about early libraries and the famous The House of Wisdom and make our own book!
  • Chemistry: In our final class, we learn about the Muslim geniuses that advanced the world as we know it today!

Timings & Details:

Ages: 8-12
Time: 10am CST / 11am EST
Date: August 24th - October 12th
Cost $89 USD (first student) $75 (second student). ($164 for 2 or more sibling group)
Where: Online, ZOOM

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