(Ages 8-12)

Pure Poetry: Praising the Prophet ﷺ

Upon dusty earth, let's express words of light. Let's free flow light. Let's rhyme light. Let's list light. Let's ode light. Let's follow light.

In this 8 week course, students will learn about some of the virtues of the Prophet ﷺ (mercy, understanding, modesty, generosity, loyalty, patience, non attachment to the lower world, and forgiveness.) Every class begins with a presentation detailing the weekly virtue and poetic style of the week. We will also study mentor poems, which are famous poems in English that show us examples of applying form, device, style.  We will see examples from famous poets such as Frost, Longfellow, Yeats, Poe, Dickinson, and more.

This series will have a strong focus on figurative language which aims to expand the writer's vocabulary and expression. In our last series, students loved word games and challenges. To encourage this joy, we've added it as part of the schedule. In the last 20 minutes of the hour long class, students will work in groups and be given different challenges - all with the intention of Prophetic praise, love, and knowledge ﷺ. 

Class topic by week:

1) Mercy. Rhyming Couplets. (May 24th)

2) Understanding. Alternating Rhyming couplets. (May 31)

3) Modesty. Event poem style. (June 7th) 

4) Generosity. Ode. (June 14)

5) Loyalty. List poetry.  (June 21)

6) Patience. Triolet. (June 28)

7) Non-attachment to the lower world. Pastoral poetry. (July 5)

8) Presentations. (July 12th) 

Class features:

  • Teacher presentation & examples
  • Online vocabulary resource references
  • Weekly fun group exercises & challenges
  • Closed community for sharing
  • Most importantly, building a deeper connection to the Prophet ﷺ inshaAllah. 

Date: Tuesdays starting May 24th

Time: 6pm EST / 3pm PST 

DURATION: One hour per class


$89 USD for one student one-time payment

$155 for two or more siblings one-time payment (additional siblings more than 2 must share a computer device). 

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