Go Beyond

Mar 04, 2022

All of the signs of the Divine guide us to beyond. The galaxies expand. The baby becomes a man. The seed cracks into petal. Moments become memories. At some point we realize that every phase of our life was to prepare us for the next. In the same way that answers are in their questions, there is no remedy for change except the alchemy itself. 

Heavenly support alone can soothe the sting upon the loss of yesterday. A desperate substitute is haggling like a tourist in a foreign market, justifying loss for the purpose of gain.  This is transactional. Destiny is an experience far beyond merits and minuses. It is a journey of deep meaning and connection. That might take the shape of devastation and it may look like victory. Did the sacrifice of early believers cause the Fath of Mecca, or was the Fath of Mecca destined and their sacrifice was its foreshadowing proof?
Materialists will measure our mindset by a glass of water. The glass can only be half empty if it is half full, so instead let's examine the connection between the two. We understand this concept from revelation:  "Everything will perish except His Countenance." (Al-Qasas)  We must lose everything before returning home. But would we understand the value of home if we never left?

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